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Calibre Wings is able to land in Taiwan!4
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iHobbyland is the official retailer of Calibre Wings in Taiwan!Awesome News!iHobbyland has become the official retailer of Calibre Wings, the International famous brand of high quality die cast airplane models, in Taiwan. We will be able to directly serve local Taiwanese fans and collectors in near future. https://www.ihobbyland.com/en/hot_439001.html iHobbyland is the official retailer of Calibre Wings in Taiwan!_複製 2023-03-16 2024-03-16
iHobbyland 111 test https://www.ihobbyland.com/en/hot_439001.html
iHobbyland 111 test https://www.ihobbyland.com/en/hot_439001.html
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Breaking news!

Calibre Wings-
the internationally renowned high-quality die cast military aircraft model brand, is able to land in Taiwan!!

Calibre Wings produces accurate aviation scale models in diecast metal.

Each model is conceived, developed and manufactured with passion from the modeller to the collector. Details are carefully constructed on 3D CAD based on extensive research on each aircraft type.


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