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HA6803 Hobby Master 1/72 Russian Air Force Su-57 "Blue 054" HA6803 3950
HA4320 Hobby Master 1/72 German Air Force Luftwaffe "Richthofen" JA-111 HA4320 2830
HA4319 Hobby Master 1/72 German Air Force Luftwaffe "Richthofen" JA-344 HA4319 2830
HA19039 Hobby Master 1/72 Israel Air Force F-4E "The One" Tel Nof AB HA19039 3200
HA6617 Hobby Master 1/72 Royal Saudi Air Forces "Typhoon" HA6617 3450
HA6016 Hobby Master 1/72 PLA Navy J-11BG HA6016 4100
HA5126 Hobby Master 1/72 US Navy F/A-18E VFA-143 "Pukin Dogs" HA5126 3900
HA6207 Hobby Master 1/72 US Navy F-35C VX-9 "Vampires" HA6207 3330
HA2629 Hobby Master 1/72 USMC AV-8B VMA-214 "Black Sheep" HA2629 2950
HA8323 Hobby Master 1/48 RAF Spitfire LF IX HA8323 3000
CA721417 Calibre Wings 1/72 US Navy F-14A VF-211 *Checkmates* 4100
CW001642 Century Wings 1/72 F-14A US Navy VX-4 "Evaluators Vandy I" 1985 Livery 4500
CW001642 Century Wings 1/72 US Navy A-6E Intruder VA-65 "Tigers AG500" 1972 Livery 3600
CA72DC01 Calibre Wings 1/72 JASDF F-14J Kai *Mona Cat* 4100
CA721416 Calibre Wings 1/72 US Navy F-14A VF-102 *Diamondbacks* 4100
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